Bay 2 Beaches Hash House Harriers Monthly Schedule

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Adventure Hashing Schedule:

Sunday, May 5, Bay 2 Beaches H3/Circus H3 Trail #90

RA: Metawhorical Sunshine

Hare: Casual Friday

Pre-lube: Bigfoot on the River

Circle Location: Bigfoot on the River, 7201 N. 41st Street, Tampa FL

Circle Time: 2:00 pm

 We will have a fun bike ride, and a BBQ afterwards! The bar locals LOVE hashers, and they are all looking forward to hosting our trail! 

This trail will be a street ride, all kinds of bicycles welcome. There will be a few hills, as we will roll through riverside neighborhoods. A helmet and bike lock is encouraged. 5 mile TRUE trail, including a local hole in the wall bar stop and a second beer stop on trail. 

On Afters: BBQ at Bigfoot on the River. Bring something to put on the grill for yourself and bring a side dish if you would like. The regulars are anxious to see us again!