Bay 2 Beaches Hash House Harriers Monthly Schedule

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Adventure Hashing Schedule:

Sunday, June 2, Bay 2 Beaches H3/Circus H3 Trail #91

RA: Metawhorical Sunshine

Hare: Tongue in Cheek and V-Lite

Pre-lube: American Legion Post 273 Madeira Beach, Fl 33708

Circle Location: American Legion Post 273 Madeira Beach, Fl 33708: 600 American Legion Dr, Madeira Beach, Florida 33708


Circle Time: 1:00 pm, on-out 1:30 pm


Hare notes:
- BASH and Beach Treasure Trail AND "Make me laugh Tee shirt hash" - funniest tee/tank (picture, joke, design, etc) will get a hashy prize!!

- Circle at 1pm, hares away at 1:30! It's BYOB with some bar stops so bring cash and ID! Beer and shots will also be provided on trail and on the beach .

- Kid friendly!!! Shiggy level .69 (possibility to get wet and sandy!!)

Racists and roller-weenies (😂) this trail can be for you too so come out!

This is mostly a bike trail but there will be some fun on the beach and in the sand, so maybe pack a small backpack with a towel, sandals or other shoes as needed while on the beach :)
Hydration (water, beer, other) will be provided at a few stops, bar stops will also be at the beach stop.

Anyone wanting to meet for an on before ("lunch") and you DON'T have an American Legion card, coordinate in the comments to meet up or the Angry Pepper is also just around the corner!! :)

Expect 6-7 miles round trip with very little walking, except for the fun on the beach (which will be light to moderate aerobic activity, but not mandatory)